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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Alan Rose is So Full of SHIT, he must have to change his pants several times a day. Talk about Hypocritical LIAR. Alan Rose says there is no truth in the courts, yet he wants this cyberspace TRANSPARENCY to STOP right now or he will tell the JUDGE; good luck with that Alan. You are such a DIPSHIT.

Alan what is wrong with YOU? Why do you even want your aggressive discovery from Eliot? Have you sued Eliot or is this to close an Estate, where YOU are representing someone you KNOW is involved in FORGERY and Fraud. You know for a FACT, and had a judge threaten to read Miranda rights over it, that a deceased man SIGNED documents that entitled Ted Bernstein, your client to MONEY, millions of dollars of which he was NOT legally Entitled To.

Your client SOLD a condo he had no legal right to, dispensed property and money with no accounting and no authority. You are the one in the WRONG here so why are you harassing the only HEIR who is standing up and telling the TRUTH?

Wasn't it YOU that stated you don't like to operate your cases with SECRETS? Why do you want to Censor me? This case is NOT about the TRUTH that you say is NOT in the courtroom, it is about the FACTS that come out in, YES, "Cyberspace".

Do you remember saying there is no TRUTH in the COURTS?

Do you remember saying that you don't like to operate with SECRETS?

You sure are a double dealing, hypocritical, full of SHIT sort of guy aren't ya?

Oh and STOP reading my Privileged eMails, they are accidentally being sent to you by a cyberghost and they are PRIVILEGED, so I command you to STOP reading them or I will tell your DADDY..

Here is the latest Dribble, from Mr. I want to be an attorney when I grow up and READ THE LAWS AND UNDERSTAND THIS DARN CONSTITUTION BUSINESS.

Alan I know its FUTILE to ask an ethical bully such as you but please "I would hope you would someday take the approach best for the beneficiaries." and STOP wasting money trying to STOP the flow of information, the REAL News reporting the REAL FACTS of this case.

Alan Rose has knowingly, clearly and convincingly aided and abetted known fraud and forgery, in an alleged murder case and then "hopes" Eliot quits forwarding court documents to a reporter? WTF comes to mind.

Alan is the ONE holding up the Estate and aiding FRAUD and other criminal activity as far as I see it.

ALAN ROSE IS CONFLICTED THAT IS A FACT. Just because he was allowed to stay and represent this "criminal", well sure seems to be a criminal to me.. this does not make Alan a good guy. Read this whole blog and every court document. Alan Rose is a lying, conflicted, immoral, unconstitutional, hypocritical ASSHOLE.

I Say Time to FILE a MOTION to Compel Alan Rose, Esquire to PULL HIS HEAD OUT OF HIS ASS.


From: Alan Rose []
Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2014 8:21 PM
To: Eliot Ivan Bernstein
Subject: Motion to Compel Discovery

1.  You objected to every request to produce claiming, for some incorrect reason, that I was conflicted.

Now that Judge Colin has denied your motion to remove me, will you reconsider your duty to produce documents or will I need to file a motion to compel documents, in addition to your testimony

2.  Also, I’d appreciate a response to my email yesterday re your contact with the realtor

3.  Finally, for the sake of the beneficiaries I again ask you to cease communicating with Crystal Cox.  Litigation should take place in courthouse, not in cyberspace. Although you seem to get pleasure from this, you claim you cannot control her and I can assure you that your involvement with her interferes with the ability to handle these issues and the efforts of professionals to properly administer the estate.  I don’t expect you to alter your behavior, but feel compelled to ask again.  I would hope you would someday take the approach best for the beneficiaries.

    Alan B. Rose, Esq."

Alan Rose, You are on the WRONG Side of the LAW and the WRONG side of the Moral Compass. GET A GRIP.

Eliot and anyone else on the PLANET can call the "Realtor" and tell them anything they want. YOUR Client SHOULD be disclosing the pending legal action, you are again BREAKING THE LAW DUMBASS.

Eliot can call any Broker and tell them anything and it's none of your damn business. So I would appreciate it if you would just SHUT THE FUCK UP til you KNOW THE LAW and figure out how to apply it. 

DO THE Right THING. Tell the TRUTH.

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