Thursday, July 17, 2014

Alan Rose has to be the most unethical attorney on the Planet. This property is involved in the details of a MURDER investigation. It is involved in massive disputes and litigation with the heirs, there is tons of proof of that. Alan Rose, YOU are NOT above the Law.


From: Alan Rose []
Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2014 12:02 AM
To: Eliot Ivan Bernstein
Subject: Improper Contact with Real Estate Broker


It has come to my attention that you called the realtors listing the Shirley Trust’s property for sale.  You have no authority to do so.  As you know, the Trust document signed by your mother specifically named Ted as her successor trustee once your father died.  You have no basis or right to suggest that Ted is not properly serving in that role, and we demand that you stop doing so.

Please advise what exactly you told the brokers trying to sell the Trust’s residence on Lion’s Head Drive in St. Andrews Country Club.  We have been advised that you told them that Ted “was a crook” and further told them that they should not sell the house because it is tied up in litigation and that anyone who buys it will regret it because it is in litigation. 

We all know that there is no litigation surrounding the house.  You have no standing to discuss the house, but beyond that no basis to try to scare away potential buyers with the threat of litigation.

Please confirm one way or the other (i) what you told the brokers and (ii) whether you voluntarily will agree to have no further contact with them and write an email to them stating there is and will be no litigation over the sale of the St. Andrews property.


    Alan B. Rose, Esq."

Ted already undersold the Condo and LIED about having the right to sell it. Alan Rose is sure seeming to be aiding and abetting what sure seems to be a CROOK, yes I 100% believe Ted Bernstein to be a crook, but that is only because I can read EVERY document on this ENTIRE blog and I have a brain. 

The Condo SHOULD not have been sold, especially to a Canadian resident, getting an Illinois single family loan. HUD housing authorities, lending authorities, insurance company authorities, the FBI, DOJ and many more will be looking into BOTH properties for years to come. As YES there is illegal and unethically activity as far as I see it and I have owned my own real estate company for 14 years.

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