Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Alan Rose DOES not seem to GET Law, nor Care. Oh Well. Anyway Eliot Bernstein is is OWN attorney, so Ted sent an eMail to Eliot and to his attorney, ELIOT. As a matter of LAW Eliot's attorney, which in this case is himself, is entitled to and OBLIGATED to do all that is possible to protect his client, which in this case is himself. So sharing an email to protect his client, is not only his legal right, but under law he is OBLIGATED to protect his client the best he can.

I will NOT Remove the Email. The First Amendment and now "Absolute Privilege" laws protect the broadcast of this email. So Mr. Alan Rose, your wast of estate money and court time is duly noted AGAIN.

And it Lawyer, Client Privilege magically applied to this nonsense well then Eliot as his own "lawyer" has a DUTY as a matter of LAW to disclose the eMail, Period and protect his client, which in this case is himself.

The eMail did threaten "physically", gee Duh.. starving ones family and causing extreme duress is physical. Judge Colin has erred in this ruling, and it is non-sensical.

Anti-Constitutional, flat out WRONG, Judicial Order by Conflicted Judge Colin

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