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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Who does Alan B. Rose of Page Mrachek, Fitzgerald & Rose represent in the Simon Bernstein Estate Case? Who is paying Alan B. Rose of Mrachek, Fitzgerald & Rose and why has he NOT, as a matter of Law entered a Notice of Appearance in this case?

How long will Judge Colin let this fraud on the court go on?

Will Judge Colin allow clearly conflicted attorneys acting as officers of the court to run his court, deny due process and obstruct justice?

Who pays Alan B. Rose of Page Mrachek, Fitzgerald & Rose? Who pays John Pankauski? Who do they represent?

Well, from the hoppin' mad eMail from Ted Bernstein DIRECTLY to Eliot Bernstein, via God, you can clearly see that Asshole Alan, and Jackass Johnny represent and are paid by Tormenting Teddy.

So why has Alan B. Rose of Page Mrachek, Fitzgerald & Rose AND John Pankauski of Pankauski Law firm not entered a Notice of Appearance into the Court? Or Have they? Is this Legal? Why have they not been indicted, disbarred, disballed? ok kidding on that last one.

Why does Judge Colin let this go on?

What will Happen Next??

Stay Tuned?

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