Monday, June 2, 2014

So is Pamela Simon the real Puppeteer in all this? Speaking to Marc Randazza, calling the Shots over what Ted Bernstein and Robert Spallina Did. Oh and ..

Pamela Simon STP Enterprises claimed to have told Robert Spallina that he should file the claim and that "we" have a “friendly carrier” who would pay the claim without proper beneficiary forms?

How is Heritage Union Life and Jackson National not investigating this matter? WHY?

Pamela Simon STP Enterprises seemingly hiding behind Ted, yet didn't she have the "friendly" carrier? So who is the insider at Jackson National that is Pam's "friendly carrier" to the tune of millions, with no policy, no contract with the decease and a murder investigation?

Pamela Simon seemed to have been orchestrating lost policies and trusts, hiding behind Ted Bernstein and Robert Spallina, to convert the benefit to herself from her own child. What kind of mother does that? Is it even True?

a Few Research Links on case documents

Pam Simon STP Enterprises KNEW she was cut out of the will yet has spent years fighting in court to prove what sure seems to me to be flat out lies.

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