Sunday, June 1, 2014

So Funny, that Heritage Union Life Insurance Company thinks they can simply write a letter and say, hey a civil court let us out, so we are GONE, good luck.

Yeah ummmm NOT. See one of your INSIDERS is up to no good and you should find that person and prosecute them, you should want to. Hmmmm why don't you?

Got a Tip?

Whose is hiding what happened here? Why?

Folks if this can happen, WOW, we have widespread corruption getting ready to unfold, as all of you can simply say you have a policy, a trust and Heritage Union Life Insurance Company will give you millions even with suspected murder of the alleged policy holder, though we can't find the policy.

WOW.. Really ?

I say contact  Heritage Union Life Insurance Company and claim you had a policy, they will NOT investigate as to protect some secret INSIDER, and they will simply give you MILLIONS. Try it. Sure seems to be standard of practice at  Heritage Union Life Insurance Company per the details of this lawsuit.

Who is C A Kindred anyway, just some claims processing having to carry out the dirty work for the big boys?;jsessionid=4A02FF8AF1B6781CE1C484B632B687A5.node1

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