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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Life Reassurance Corp. - Capital Bankers Life Insurance Co. - Jackson National - Heritage Union Life Insurance - WiltonRe

What is going on with the Policies of Capital Bankers Life Insurance Co. ?

Is that the big cover up here? Why in the world would Jackson National FUND a Life Insurance Policy, with NO Policy, No Contract and in a case where murder is alleged?

I bet that Capital Bankers Policies is a wormhole that Jackson National does not want to go down.

Why is Don Sanders stating this;

Capital Bankers Life Insurance Co.

"Announces Life Reassurance Corp.'s completion of the acquisition of Capital Bankers Life Insurance Co. and Atlas Life Insurance Co. Business profile; Terms of the acquisitions."

Capital Bankers Life Insurance Co. Name Change to Annuity & Life Reassurance America Inc.
2000-2001 Newsletter

WOW, so many name changes and acquisitions, it is hard to tell who is liable for this mess.

It may just come down to the liability of Wilton Re

Chris Stroup - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Perry Braun - SVP and Chief Investment Officer
Steve Cates - President and Chief Executive Officer of TLIC
Ray Eckert - SVP and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
Mike Fleitz - SVP and Chief Financial Officer
Mike Greer - SVP and Chief Pricing Officer
Sylvia Oliveira - CEO of Wilton Re Bermuda
Mark Sarlitto - SVP and General Counsel
Cormac Treanor - SVP and Head of Longevity Solutions
Enrico Treglia - SVP and Chief Operating Officer
Andy Wood - SVP and Chief Information Officer

Don't ya love how Chris Stroup was a partner at Ernst & Young LLP, who is named all over the iViewit RICO Case?

"Chris Stroup has been chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer of Wilton Re since 2004 and operating partner at Stone Point since 2004. Previously, Mr. Stroup was with Swiss Re Life & Health America Inc. where he held the position of chief executive officer. Prior to joining Swiss Re, Mr. Stroup was a partner at Ernst & Young LLP. Mr. Stroup holds a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and an M.B.A. from the Columbia University Graduate School of Business."

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