Monday, June 23, 2014

Judge Martin Colin seems to think it's ok for attorneys to forge documents, lie, cheat, threaten and steal in his court.

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Why are these people acting in a fiduciary capacity of which they have no legal right?

Why has Judge Martin Colin not really read them their Miranda Rights, knowing full well of their crimes. 

Why is Robert Spallina, Pam Simon and Ted Bernstein NOT in JAIL?

Looks to me that Judge Martin Colin is letting massive fraud happen, knowingly, and willfully do doing nothing to stop it, why?

I guess this hearing prompted Alan Rose to file a notice of appearance? Or was it him NOW being a named respondent and refusing to notify his liability carriers?

oh and proudly posted here by the "woman" who "blogs things".

oh and Mr. Rose, I Still Cordially Invite you to go "blank" yourself.

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