Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jackson National Web Stat as of June 24th; Yes Don Sanders IF you LIED, you are IN Very Big Trouble.

Read this whole blog, read the iViewit case, the police reports, SEC Complaints, FBI Complaints. Do you really want to keep lying for the wrong side of the moral compass and the LAW?

I would suggest, just a tip, maybe you should come clean to authorities now so that you don't go to prison with Ted Bernstein, Robert Spallina, Pam Simon and the chain gang here..


.. oh and help you sleep better at Night.

A guilty conscious is bad for your health. You do know that this causing harm to children, this is fraud, forgery, possible murder, horrific violations of the rights of the deceased who were GOOD PEOPLE.

Tell the TRUTH. Obey the Law.

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