Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hey Lindsay, you may want to watch the ol' digital fingerprints. Probably better just call the coppers and tell them what you may know. Googling is not where one finds redemption.

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Host Name:static-107-7-181-146.earthlinkbusiness.netBrowser:Safari 7.0
IP Address: — [Label IP Address]Operating System:MacOSX
Location:Deerfield Beach, Florida, United StatesResolution:1280x800
Returning Visits:3Javascript:Enabled
Visit Length:Multiple visits spread over more than one dayISP:Itc Deltacom

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23 May12:47:48 (Keywords Unavailable) 
23 May12:58:02
23 May14:19:19
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23 May14:21:53 (Keywords Unavailable) 
23 May14:22:41 (Keywords Unavailable) 
4 Jun12:40:33 (Keywords Unavailable) 
4 Jun12:44:36

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