Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Gerald Lewin, Ted Bernstein, Proskauer Rose, Standford, iViewit, Chris Wheeler, Janet Craig, and the Oppenheimer Trust Company, WOW, you Guys have waited a long time to be PANTS. To be CAUGHT. To be INDICTED. Well Soon.. Very Soon..

Janet Craig. Senior Vice President & Compliance Officer at Oppenheimer Trust Company, why in the world have you seemingly, allegedly, possibly??? hid all that money?? Don't you care about your soul, about the TRUTH, the lives you affect?

I would say Prison or even the threat of Proskauer Rose's famous heart attacks would be better then having a DARK conscience.

Make it right with a Higher Power, TELL the TRUTH and Just maybe you won't spend the rest of your life in PRISON.. Greed is a Funny THING.

Stand UP to Proskauer Rose.. Do the Right Thing..

Much more coming soon on all these players and parties and the "Missing Money" or is there money missing?? or is it just Jewelry

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