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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Folks, Alan Rose is a MASSIVE, Blatant Hypocrite. I thought he claimed at some point that he don't work in SECRETS. Now he wants SECRETS.


What does Ted have on Alan Rose that Rose is willing to aid an abet in this mess?

 I mean really, if you read this whole blog and every motion, do the FACTS, the TRUTH not speak for itself?

the Simon Bernstein Estate Case is riddled in fraud on the court, forged documents 
and even alleged murder. Ted Bernstein alleged that his father Simon Bernstein was murdered, 
look at the police report. 

Yet then claims he is trustee of Simon's insurance policy, and sure seems to set up trusts the same day he alleged murder of his father, in his father's name. WOW. 

Living sure is good in Florida, guess it's the place to go to commit Estate Fraud, allege murder, create post mortem trusts and have the deceased notarize some documents so you can have their stuff.

If Ted is not involved in some murder plot, or staged murder allegation, and not involved 
in creating Trusts the same day his dad died, so he could get millions, well then 
he would be fighting to find out who murdered his father as he alleged and 
who created trust documents the day his dad was allegedly murdered. 

WOW, were there really Post Mortem Trusts created or were they signed under duress by a dying man or a man about to be murdered? The TRUTH is in the details and WILL turn up. 

And what about the Dr. that saw Simon Bernstein before he died, was there some sort of issue with toxins in his blood, why was none of this looked in to? Have the police even investigated the murder allegations? Why has Jackson National not wanted a murder investigation, REALLY? 
WOW !!! 

Why did Ted Bernstein tell Police Detectives that he had not read the "TRUST", yet seems to have told Spallina, or so it seems, that he was fine with spending Estate money, because he had read the trust inside and out. So which is it? I see no way for Ted not to go to JAIL, it is just a matter of if Pam Simon and Alan Rose are going with him or not, at this point.  Oh and how much Robert Spallina really did know in this SCHEMEOID.

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