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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Don Sanders, Jackson National sure seems to have messed up some very important information. Why? and to Protect WHOM? the Plot Thickens.

I would say something is FISHY about number 57 on the link below

Source, Full Document and to Download

 either Don Sanders is mistaken or part of the corruption and fraud, in my OPINION.

I think that the insurance company records reflect the contingent beneficiary to be “Simon Bernstein Trust, N.A.” and not as Don Sanders seems to have arbitrarily stated. Just how I sees it.

"Though the name of the Trust on the Request Letter was set fo
rth as stated in Par. 30(b) above, it was apparently abbreviated upon input into the Insurer's systems as Simon Bernstein Ins. Trust Dated 6/21/95. (Bates No.JCK000370, JCK000372, JCK000514,
JCK000554, 599, 601).:"

maybe Mr. Don Sanders or the FRAUD investigators should look into that. Sure is a Big ol', insurance fraudin' mess, if ya ask me.

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