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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Don Sanders, assistant VP - Jackson National Life Insurance, sure seems to think it is ok to NOT investigate fraud, possible murder, forged documents signed by the deceased, and all manner of illegal activity. No Problem, here is a check. See as Pam Simon says, we are a "friendly carrier".

Don Sanders, Manfield Texas Sworn Witness Affidavit, Speaking for Jackson National.

Who is the "Owner", the "insured"? Where is the Policy? How come there is a policy number and no policy? Paid on death? Even if there is no contract, no policy and there is murder alleged? WOW, talk about a "friendly carrier".

"Heritage has been dismissed". You bet but WHY? Sure is not right and sure does not mean that Heritage nor Jackson nor Wilton Re are liable in this case. The policy amount could have been for alot more, maybe the insider at Jackson helped Pam and Ted commit fraud on the courts and maybe even worse. There is alot more to this then simply paying the claim and putting money in the court's registry. It is the responsibility of the insurance company to investigate as to who the beneficiary is BEFORE they sign away millions.

Don Sanders says that no one at Jackson has interest in the outcome of this case, I ALLEGE that is flat our false and these conflicts will turn up soon.

"In June 1998, Capitol Bankers was acquired by Swiss Re Life & Health America, Inc." Swiss is where Chris Stroup now of Wilton Re, "held the position of chief executive officer. Prior to joining Swiss Re, Mr. Stroup was a partner at Ernst & Young LLP" Ernst & Young is part of the iViewit RICO claims and Patent Theft Case.

"In May of 2000, Capitol Bankers entered into a one hundred percent Coinsurance/ Administrative Reinsurance Agreement with Reassure America Life Insurance Company"

"In May 2000, one hundred percent of stock of the Capitol Bankers was sold to Annuity & Life Reassurance."

"In December of2000, Capitol Bankers changed its name to Annuity & Life Reassurance
America, Inc."

"In August 2005, Annuity & Life Reassurance America, Inc. was acquired by Wilton Re

WOW, round and round we go to the same people and place.

"In August 2008, Annuity & Life Reassurance America, Inc. changed its name to Heritage Union Life Insurance Company."

"In 2012, Jackson acquired and merged Reassure America Life Insurance Company into Jackson, and as a result, Jackson became administrator and reinsurer of the Policy."

"Since at least 2000, Jackson (and/or its predecessor Reassure America Life Insurance Company) has been in possession of the Policy records."

Really Don Sanders, are you Sure? If that's true then where is the POLICY, who is the policy owner, where are those records?

You have "personal knowledge" of the "record keeping" WOW, well then you must know where the RECORDS are?

"The Policy records do not contain an original or executed duplicate of the Policy, which 
was issued in 1982."

Oh, gee DARN there went the theory of we keep those records.

Oh that's ok, there is a "specimen policy". So another words folks, you can just have someone put a blank form in your file, one used in other policies and then say you are entitled to millions, maybe even murder the alleged policy holder and WOW Jackson National will write you a check, no questions asked, no internal investigation just DONE.

Don Sanders has NO IDEA what was in the original policy and is simply making this up based on a sample forms of what other policy holders had. Folks, that is NOT GOOD ENOUGH, and I believe it breaks the law, from the way I read it.

Does make for a good commercial though. People will now line up to buy a Jackson National / Wilton Re Insurance Policy

Folks you do know that Insurance Policy portfolios are VERY Big Business, perhaps the biggest next to bankruptcy courts. A "SAMPLE" policy paid to a Court Registry is NOT GOOD Enough Jackson National, not even a little bit.

"From my review of the records, on the date of issuance the sum insured (or death benefit)
of the Policy was $2 million."  Review of the records, REALLY? What records, who gets the money? What is going on here? This stuff is NOT legal it seems to me. You can't just generalize a policy and pay out to a mystery person, and especially with forged documents, SIGNED by the Policy Holder, after he had already died, and allegations of murder. WOW Jackson National really is a "friendly carrier" such as Pamela Simon of STP Enterprises, Inc.

Folks, come on, do you not have a sense of some fraud here? Do you not want an investigation to make sure this does not happen at Wilton Re / Jackson National again? Or do you want a run on policy holders that don't exist and writing 2 Million dollar checks?

"The Policy is a whole life, flexible premium, life insurance contract, which is a type of
policy that builds cash value as premium payments are made." WOW building since 1982 and only 2 million, I say Poppycock to that one. Then it goes down to 1.7 due to "Financial Activity from Issue", you know the mystery issue of no Policy, no Trust, no Trustee and all that ..

"55.  On or about June 5, 1992, a letter submitted on behalf of the Policy Owner informing the
Insurer that LaSalle National Trust was being appointed as successor trustee. On June
17, 1992, the Insurer acknowledged the change of ownership and designated the Policy
Owner on its records as LaSalle National Trust, N.A., as Successor Trustee. (Bates No.

56.   On or about November 27, 1995, Capitol Bankers received a "Request Letter" signed by 
LaSalle National Trust, N.A. in their capacity as Trustee, as Policy Owner, and the
Request Letter contained the following requested changes to the Policy:

(a) LaSalle National Trust, N.A. as Trustee was designated as the primary beneficiary of

(b) The Simon Bernstein Irrevocable Insurance Tmst Dated June 21, 1995 was the Policy; and designated as the contingent beneficiary. AUS-5961160-1

57.   Though the name of the Trust on the Request Letter was set forth as stated in Par. 30(b) 
above, it was apparently abbreviated upon input into the Insurer's systems as Simon 
Bernstein Ins. Trust Dated 6/21/95. (Bates No.JCK000370, JCK000372, JCK000514,
JCK000554, 599, 601).

58.   As a matter of standard policy and procedures at Jackson and as set f011h in the Policy
itself, the designation of the Owner and Beneficiary is governed by the Request Letter or 
Direction of the Owner and not by how the name of the owner or beneficiary is input by 
employees into the Insurer's systems as part of policy administration. 

59. In my experience in operations, Insurers' systems require employees to abbreviate names
of owners and/or beneficiaries at times when the names contain too many characters for
the Insurer's systems capabilities.

60.   On November 27, 1995 Capitol Bankers sent correspondence to LaSalle National Trust 
N.A., as Successor Trustee acknowledging the changes in beneficiaries as referenced in
Par. 56 above.

61. In April of 1998, LaSalle National Trust, as successor Trustee submitted a change of 
owner which designated Simon Bernstein as the Owner of the Policy. (Bates No.

62. After reviewing Jackson's records on the Policy, I can confirm on behalf of Jackson that
on the date of death of Simon Bernstein, the Owner of the Policy was Simon Bernstein, 
the primary beneficiary was designated as LaSalle National Trust, N.A. as Successor
Trustee, and the Contingent Beneficiary was designated as Simon Bernstein Irrevocable 
Insurance Trust dated June 21, 1995. (Bates No. JCK000370).

63. Capitol Bankers Life Insurance Company acknowledged receipt of the "executed 
beneficiary change" in its correspondence to the Owner of the Policy dated November 27,
1995. (JCK000372).

64. According to Jackson's records, following the death of Simon Bernstein, Heritage or
Jackson received competing claims to the death benefit proceeds. Jackson or Heritage
received claims on behalf of the Simon Bernstein Irrevocable Insurance Trust dated June
21, 1995 and a competing claim in the form of a letter from Eliot Bernstein either on his 
own behalf or on behalf of his children."

Source, Full Document and to Download

Also, I would say something is FISHY about number 57, so either Don Sanders is mistaken or part of the corruption and fraud, in my OPINION.

I think that the insurance company records reflect the contingent beneficiary to be “Simon Bernstein Trust, N.A.” and not as Don Sanders seems to have arbitrarily stated.

Though the name of the Trust on the Request Letter was set forth as stated in Par. 30(b)
above, it was apparently abbreviated upon input into the Insurer's systems as Simon
Bernstein Ins. Trust Dated 6/21/95. (Bates No.JCK000370, JCK000372, JCK000514,
JCK000554, 599, 601).:

maybe Mr. Don Sanders or the FRAUD investigators should look into that.

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