Monday, June 2, 2014

Carol Ann Kindred at Heritage Union Life Insurance

Who is  Carol Ann Kindred and what gives her the authority to call of a massive investigation such as this, with a simple letter.

"Due to these alleged FRAUDULENT ACTIVITIES that took place in the filing of the life insurance claim, I have contacted the Jacksonville, IL Police department and spoke with Detective Scott Erthal who opened Case No. 2014000865.

Detective Erthal then contacted me and told me he had spoken to Carol Ann Kindred at Heritage Union and that they would be conducting the initial FRAUD investigation internally.  

I was surprised when I got the attached letter from C.A. Kindred, which attempts to inform me that Heritage is not investigating the alleged FRAUDULENT claim filed with the company, most surprising is why she did not direct her letter to Detective Erthal and instead contacted me to inform me that Heritage was refusing to conduct an investigation.

C.A. Kindred also stated that the Federal Court would be handling the Fraud issues and obviously Federal Courts do not conduct criminal investigations or insurance investigations. 

As you may know, life insurance carriers are legally required to attempt to find the true and proper beneficiary of an insurance contract upon death and in this instance no effort has been made "

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Much more on possible conflicts of interest, suspected fraud, and other suspected activities of  Carol Ann Kindred, coming soon.

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