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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Back to the Ol' Allegedly Fraudulent Condo Sale and a Bit about Brett Verkaik, Robert Spallina, Christopher Prokop, ALLEGED right to be SELLER..Ted Bernstein, Closing Agent Greg Gefen, and Buyer Wesley Voorheis

Brett Verkaik []
an Illinois Deli?? What?

Brett Verkaik []
Monday, August 05, 2013 12:04 PM
Robert Spallina
Fwd: 345 Distributions and Working Capital Loan

345MP - Promissory Note (7.31.2013).pdf; ATT4441 O.htm; 345MP - Closing Schedule
(7.31.2013).pdf; ATT44411.htm; Historical 1 Month LIBOR (7.31.2013).pdf; ATT44412.htm
See below. We have already wired the working cap loan and interest to WHC which will term the note between A&L and WHC for the DDG loan for 345's working capital. We have wired the first equity dist of 345 to the WH 345 LLC account. We will need to determine the accurate distribution for WHC and the dynasty trusts from here. I assume we can split 64 I 36 (9% for each kid).
Please advise.



What is all of this. What is this loan to Robert or ? What is the "dynasty trusts" what are ALL the secrets Mr. Robert Spallina has FAILED miserably at disclosing.

Brett Verkaik []
an Illinois Deli?? What?

So Who is Brett Verkaik?

Calvin College Alumni

Priest, Andre Radandt, also of Hinsdale; Phil Stewart of Wheaton and Brett Verkaik of Chicago,

Who is Christopher Prokop <>

Christopher Prokop

or is it Brett Verkaik <>

West Highland Capital

West Highland Capital Partners, LLLP
Hmmm.. Hudson, New York, wonder if he knows John Pankauski, or if he has ever gone Skiing with Robert Spallina or ... hmmm..

I wonder how far the rabbit hole goes on this Condo Fraud, I mean Sale .. ???

Here is my Opinion on some of the Document of the Shirley Bernstein Estate, the Condo Sale

Keep in mind folks that under Florida Law, I have been told by a Florida Title company, a Trustee in a sale, a PR is different by law for a primary resident vs. an investment property.

a Bit More

Wesley Voorheis, Ontario Resident gets Illinois Loan, I think it was a primary house loan, and it's a vacation home or investment in Florida.

Wesley Voorheis Research Links

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