Saturday, June 14, 2014

Alan Rose Tough talkin' Gibberish. Hey Alan TIME to Notify your Liability Carrier DUDE.

"Attached are draft orders regarding the hearings of today before Judge Colin. Please let me have your comments at your earliest convenience.

                Best wishes.



"Alan, your notice of appearance attached herein comes at a strange time, as you can see from the attached receipt, the Court had officially docketed you and your firm and John Pankauski and his firm and others officially as Respondents/Defendants in these matters prior, as was requested of the court on June 04, 2014 when I filed my motion to deal with you as added new Respondents, the monies to add you and others have been deposited as you can see in the courts register early this morning prior to your latest improper filings.

From this point forward please govern yourself as a named Respondent under all applicable rules of attorney conduct and laws.

As such, I will anticipate your voluntarily removal and disqualification of yourself as counsel shortly and voluntary withdrawal ALL of your prior pleadings that were filed without having filed a notice of appearance and while you were aware of your adverse interests and your being a fact and material witness in the events involving the frauds in and upon the Court, Beneficiaries, Creditors and Interested Parties with prior removed counsel and fiduciaries who engaged you.

We will be seeking to schedule your deposition shortly and demand that you promptly turn over all of your records to the Court or the Palm Beach County Sheriff and send copies to anyone else you are obligated to regarding your involvement in any way with any parties who have committed the civil torts alleged and the criminal acts already proven and admitted.

Thank you for your prompt attention to these matters.  Please, now that you and your firm are Respondents in these matters please report this to your liability carrier or else insurance fraud laws may also apply against you for failure to disclose litigation as required.

I have given you and your firm and its partners and of counsel  and associates ample notice, since June 04, 2014 of your conflicted and legally abusive continued representations but you, like your client Ted fail to heed good advice with the best of intentions and therefore have left no alternative recourse.

My motion to hear the information on you being added as a Respondent and what to do next and how to handle you forward is pending scheduling on the July 14th 21014 that you continue to refuse to cooperate in scheduling that hearing can be dealt with once I get that set but I do not think you will be able to represent further in any capacity other than Respondent/Defendand henceforth.

Best ~ Eliot


"I object to these orders, as Ted is not the successor trustee of the alleged Trusts as far as I know legally and he cannot now serve in any capacities for a myriad of reasons.  

This is why you Alan should not be acting further either, especially where there is a motion to add you as a Respondent/Defendant and to remove your client for a host of reasons, including your direct past involvement with Tescher and Spallina to advance their frauds and again this continued action by you just appears more fraud, waste and abuse but I will take that up with Judge Colin if necessary.

Have you notified your liability carrier of your situation in these matters and that you have been noticed of your involvement in the litigation as a Respondent/Defendant yet.

Can you please send over your carrier information so that I may notice them as well in the event that you are not?

 Thanks ~ Eliot"


"If that is your only objection, we will send in the orders with that noted to judge.

Alan B. Rose"


" Alan, I also object for other reasons, including but far from limited to that there is a pending motion to add you as a Respondent for your adverse interests created from your involvement with Tescher and Spallina and others in the already proven and admitted criminal acts that have taken place by prior Attorneys at Law and Fiduciaries in these matters that without question now make you both a material and fact witnesses regarding the criminal acts and your factual involvement with the perpetrators during the time of the criminal acts.  This alone should force your voluntary Disqualification from these matters.

Your continued actions, despite your requirements under attorney conduct codes and law to disqualify voluntarily from matters when you have adverse interests and conflicted, will be imparted as further aiding and abetting the prior crimes and continuing new one, including but not limited to, obstruction of justice through an intentional attempt to deny due process through such continued improper actions as an Officer of the Court while knowing of your and your clients adverse interests and conflicts that preclude further involvement.

A note to the attorneys at law involved in these matters who are receiving this email, I believe you are duty bound to report attorneys at law who have adverse interests and conflicts and refuse to disqualify when these are apparent and yet further advance improper legal arguments through the violation of their attorney conduct codes and law in proceedings you are involved with them in and certainly Alan and Ted’s involvement with the former Attorneys at Law and parties involved in the already proven and admitted crimes, is irrefutably reason that they will be material and fact witnesses and have adverse interests and should disgorge themselves of any fiduciary and/or legal capacities they are acting in and cease and desist all contact in such capacities with any other attorneys at law involved.  

If you are aware that Ted and Alan will be material and fact witnesses in these matters and cannot continue to act impartially and continue to correspond with them, settle with them or make any other communications with them in these improper capacities, this could be construed as aiding and abetting and obstruction and more.  Just something to consider.

Alan, I and hopefully all the lawyers in this communiqué, will be objecting to any orders you put forth while conflicted and with adverse interests as further FRAUD ON THE COURT and the Beneficiaries and Interested parties, in order to cover up the already proven and admitted crimes and further aid and abet those attorneys and fiduciaries who brought you into these matters and whom you acted with in perpetrating their frauds.  

I also will be filing additional criminal charges for the obstruction et al. against you and your firm and all partners, associates, of counsel and employees that participate in any way in these matters forward.  I believe the Attorneys at Laws involved and copied herein may also due what they are legally and ethically required to do and report you and Ted and file with the proper authorities instantly regarding your continued misconduct and more.  Please, do the right thing under law and your ethical cannons and voluntarily cease your misconduct and cease further FRAUD, WASTE and ABUSE of Estates assets and time.

Best ~ Eliot

Thanks ~ Eliot"

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