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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Alan B. Rose of Page Mrachek, Fitzgerald & Rose LIES to the Court, where there is not TRUTH and continues to Rant about Blogger Crystal Cox whom he CANNOT Silence, not even in My Death.

I call this one, Motion Wa Wa, I don't get this whole First Amendment HOGWASH, and please JUDGE make Eliot stop talking to the big bad Crystal Cox, she is so insulting and vulgar it is disturbing my innocence; NOT.

The subject eMail was NOT privileged. Alan Rose is WRONG.

Alan B. Rose claims there was some sort ruling that the email was privileged, but that is not TRUE. The Judge said at the hearing, to do what the rule says, and for Eliot to follow the law. The court DID not RULE that the email was privileged, because it is NOT.

The Judge said that Eliot could challenge Asshole Alan's Gibberish and he did.

Can Alan Rose READ?

Alan B. Rose seems to be addicted to Fraud On the Courts.

It was Brother to Brother and not PRIVILEGED attorney communication, such a dumb ass.

Alan Rose LIED. 

Ted did not send an email to Alan, he sent it directly Eliot, PERIOD.

Read the transcript again, WOW, Alan Rose loves to lie in COURT,
 ya know where the TRUTH cannot be found.

Mr. Rose continues to commit fraud on the court. He is seemingly
out of control. Maybe the JUDGE can RULE that he actually file a
Notice of Appearance and start OBEYING THE LAW.

Alan B. Rose cannot stand transparency, Truth and the First Amendment.

Alan B. Rose cannot STAND Crystal L. Cox, oh gee darn, how will I Live?

Alan B. Rose thinks Crystal Cox is insulting and vulgar, breaks my heart.

But what about Eliot's children who suffer due to Alan B. Rose's client Ted Bernstein seizing their Food and housing money and persecuting them, their own EVIL Uncle.

What is Vulgar AND Insulting is what Ted Bernstein has done to the Eliot Bernstein family and has done to VIOLATE the Sacred Rights and WISHES of the Deceased, his own parents whom he SHOULD Respect and clearly DOES NOT.

That is what is Truly VULGAR and Insulting, Tough Guy, have you now conscience? 

Oh and Vulgar and Insulting is fraud on the court, murder allegations and no investigation, trusts created on death beds or post mortem, notarized documents from the grave, forged documents, fraud on the court, insurance fraud, NOW we are talking VULGAR and Insulting, you EVIL Bastards.

Vulgarity offends him but deceased creating trusts, and notarizing documents is A ok?

I, Crystal Cox, am providing a public service of transparency in the courts so that guys like VULGAR and Insulting ALAN ROSE and Ted Bernstein cannot violate the sacred rights of the deceased nor cause extreme stress, duress, and loss of quality of life to their grandchildren deliberately and maliciously and BLATANTLY, willfully against their WISHES.

NO one CONTROLS me Alan B. Rose. Not even in my DEATH will my Free Speech rights be SQUASHED nor will my blogs stop protecting victims of corrupt courts and rogue attorneys.

I care about the innocent victims of rogue attorneys such as Alan Rose and Asshole Evil, whiny kids like Ted Bernstein who violate their parents rights and create victims.

I have no pony in this race. I am only here to provide transparency in the courts and report on attorneys who seem to enable corruption, fraud on the courts, forgery and possibly murder.

I am here to do the right thing and stand up for my fellow man. 

I am here to help my neighbor and OBEY the Golden RULE.

Alan Rose lies that the subject email was an attorney / client privileged email. It was from a brother to a brother and a REPLY, as a matter of law. Dig Deep Alan Rose, YOU will NOT DEFEAT the LIGHT with the DARK.

Do the RIGHT Thing Alan B. Rose AND Stop Lying.

Obey the Law. STOP violating the rights of OTHERS.

Alan B. Rose of Page Mrachek, Fitzgerald & Rose thinks that if a MAN communicates with a woman, then that certainly means he can and is controlling her I mean come on right? Surely Eliot controls me, I could not possible think for myself being a girl and all.

Alan B. Rose of Page Mrachek, Fitzgerald & Rose does not like TRUTH, Transparency, reporting on this case, curse words insult his sensitive nature, and he sure don't want anyone inside the case to be interviewed by that durn Crazy ill repute Crystal Cox.

Alan B. Rose of Page Mrachek, Fitzgerald & Rose COMPELLS the Court to ORDER everyone to STOP expressing their First Amendment Rights, stand in the corner and shut up while he protects forgery, fraud on the courts, the violation of the wishes of the deceased.. oh and don't forget the signing of documents by the deceased. And he says I am VULGAR.  WoW !!!

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