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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Alan B. Rose is MADD as a HATTER and he ain't going to TAKE IT. Wa Wa, ya big baby. I thought you did not like SECRETS. I guess Ted is coming at ya pretty heavy on this one. To bad the email was a REPLY and the intended party was ELIOT BERNSTEIN. Even if you get a local Judge to rule your way that is a MASSIVE constitutional issue. A motion to a higher court can fix that in a JIFFYSTER (ya that's a word, I made it up, you like it)

It's Like Alan Rose is my Minion. 

I make a MOVE and he runs crying to the Judge. It's like I SAY Jump and Alan Rose says How High Madam Priestess?

You are my Puppet Mr. Rose, you may get up off your knees now and go home for night, I will see you again on the ol' "billable hours" manana.

Oh and really I don't care who the email was to go to, a "third party" is a third party and Ted Bernstein did knowingly, maliciously, neglectfully, willfully state false facts about me to a third party and per defamation law, well he you may want to thank me. When I sue Ted, he will probably hire you again. (*wink *wink) Sounds like a $2.5 million dollar paycheck for this ill repute.
I will NOT hide under my Bed While Bad Things Happen to OTHERS
hey give me all the documents I want while I look the other way on the deceased creating trusts and signing documents.

My Minion Files a Notice of Hearing to attempt to 
STOP the Flow of Information and Get around the 
Pesky First Amendment. Oh and to get those darn 
documents while he covers up massive documents
for his client, and all with no notice of appearance??

Hurry Get a Hearing and STOP the Secrecy. I mean the Transparency.
Gee I sure wish it had been sooner then a week, maybe you can QUICK 
get an Injunction or something to STOP ME from my Truth Spillin'.

Filed by someone who has not even Filed a Notice of Appearance in the Case.
I guess they do things alittle bit different in FLORIDA Law.

Sure is alot of Stamps on this One. BILLABLE HOURS, gotta love em'.

Hearing Transcripts, oh of course this does not include SECRET Meetings or Coercing.
(wink wink.. Right Mr. Rosey)

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