Sunday, May 25, 2014

Will someone, somewhere, please STOP the Reign of Truth in which Crystal Cox is RAINING down on our fraud on the courts and forgery, parade. Poor Babies Alan Rose of of Mrachek, Fitzgerald & Rose AND John Pankauski ~ John J. Pankauski - Pankauski Law Firm just can't seem to CHILL Speech, Violate Free Speech Rights and CONTROL the Flow of information in this MASSIVE Florida Estate Fraud, Forgery and Possible Murder Case.

"From: Alan Rose [] 
Sent: Sunday, February 23, 2014 9:23 AM
Cc:; David Simon; Maryanne Koskey;;
Subject: Curator issues & Need for Blogging to Stop

This is primarily for Eliot, but I am copying everyone because it affects everyone.

John Pankauski and I have had some pushback from potential curators, who are concerned about the potential for Eliot blogging information about them.  This is a relatively serious issue, because the Court indicated a desire to contain the costs, and it is a leap for someone to take on the potential for vicious personal attacks for a small amount of money.  In reality, there should be no vicious attacks on anybody, regardless of how much or little they are being paid.

In our view, all of this blogging is interfering with the efficient administration of these estates, and is an unnecessary distraction.  The case is going to be resolved in court, and this cyber-attacking is only going to drive up the costs for everyone, and the vast majority of these costs ultimately will be borne, directly and indirectly, by Simon’s grandchildren.  In addition, there are issues and claims to be dealt with involving Tescher & Spallina.  We would like to deal with those issues in court, and not in cyberspace.  The blogging and harassment of them interferes with the ability of professionals to deal with these issues. 

We request, on behalf of Ted and I would imagine all of the beneficiaries, that Eliot (i) immediately cease all postings on the internet and/or communication with Crystal Cox about any issue with this case, including postings about the court, the fiduciaries (past,  present, and future) and the proceedings in court; (ii) remove all postings to date and instruct Crystal Cox to do so as well; and (iii) agree to not post any information, nor communicate with Crystal Cox or anyone else who will post information, about these matters in the future.

I would also invite Peter Feaman, Stansbury’s counsel, with whom Eliot feels aligned, to discuss this matter with Eliot in the hope of obtaining his agreement on these issues.

Thanks for your consideration of these matters."

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