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Will Judge Amy J. St. Eve Do the Right Thing and contact authorities in the Heritage Union Life Insurance Case in her court? There is clear fraud, forgery, insurance fraud and even possible murder.

Why did Judge Amy J. St. Eve let Tescher & Spallina out of the Jackson National Life Insurance scandal?

Why is Judge Amy J. St. Eve not notifying the authorities, when there is clear and obvious insurance fraud, forgery, fraud on the court, document fraud and possible murder?

Judge Amy J. St. Eve surely see's possible insurance fraud, fraud on the courts, forged and fraudulent documents, and she is experienced in fraud cases as per her position at Whitewater Independent Counsel's Office, Little Rock, Arkansas successfully prosecuting fraud.

What will Judge Amy J. St. Eve do about the Simon Bernstein Estate Case and the clear and convincing evidence of Fraud, Forgery, and the role of Law Firm Tescher & Spallina which seems to have simply been let off the proverbial hook there in Illinois?

Why is Judge Amy J. St. Eve seemingly so hard on Pro Se litigant Eliot Bernstein, when clearly he is pointing out and proving, convincingly, fraud on the courts, forgery, sheriff's reports where Ted Bernstein alleges murder, documents of fact and well clearly there is all manner of fraud, corruption and illegal documentation here, not to mention possible murder. So why is Judge Amy J. St. Eve not seeming to take all this serious?

Is insurance fraud legal in Illinois? Is it ok to have NO Policy, kill a guy, then say hey I am the trustee of his estate so pay me... ya I know there is no policy but please. Then Jackson National says ok and forks over millions, REALLY? WOW !!!

No Policy, No Contract. The Plaintiff does not actually exist, what will Judge Amy J. St. Eve do?

Ted Bernstein is the alleged Trustee of a Trust that does NOT EXIST, what Judge Amy J. St. Eve rule on all this? Is  Judge Amy J. St. Eve conflicted? What is really going on behind the scenes of this case.

No executed copy of the TRUST, money in the bank from Jackson National, and WHY? No policy, no insured, no contract.. What???

Why is Jackson National not leading the fight on all this? Why is Tescher & Spallina let out of the case, when they sure seemed to have caused the whole multi-million dollar, fraudulent, murderous scandal?

I think all you reading this should throw your name into the proverbial hat as a successor to the trust, or a policy holder. See Jackson National Insurance Company does not care if you prove it, just say you are the rightful owner, stomp your feet, and they will say oh ok you are right there was a policy and contract though we can't find it, so here ya go. Oh wait, sorry we are giving the money on the imaginary policy to the court cuz we can't find the contract, then the court can give it to you or your sibling or whom ever. We don't care what the policy owner actually wanted or if there was a policy?

Pay close attention to what Judge Amy J. St. Eve Does in the Jackson National Insurance Company / Heritage Union Life Insurance case involving the Simon Bernstein Estate.

Why was Judge Amy J. St. Eve seemed so eager to let Donald Tescher & Robert Spallina out of the Heritage Union Life Insurance case regarding the Simon Bernstein Estate?

I wondered what conflicts of interest, if any led to this, what seemed to be behind her motivation if anything. One can only speculate I suppose and hope she obeys the law, removes herself if she has conflicts, and is on the right side of Justice and the moral compass.

Has Judge Amy J. St. Eve or Jackson National Insurance Company seen the report that Simon Bernstein's Death was called in as a murder? Or have they spoke with his doctor from the night before he died? Is it really ok for a death such as this to have a policy pay off, no questions asked?

Policy Holder was murdered for an inheritance? Original Police Report.

Is Judge Amy J. St. Eve being a Senior counsel for Abbott Laboratories some conflict in this case?

Is Judge Amy J. St. Eve being recommended by U.S. Sen. Peter Fitzgerald, some sort of conflict in this case in any way?

Judge Amy J. St. Eve was seemingly made famous by the Conrad Moffat Black, Baron Black of Crossharbour case, is this a conflict in any way?

Judge Amy J. St. Eve was an Associate independent counsel, Whitewater Independent Counsel's Office, Little Rock, Arkansas from 1994 to 1996, where she successfully prosecuted former Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker and Whitewater partners Jim and Susan McDougal for fraud. So surely Judge Amy J. St. Eve knows fraud when she sees it, especially all the documented proof in this case, so what will Judge Amy J. St. Eve do about it?

Davis Polk & Wardwell in New York City is sure on my blogs alot. Judge Amy J. St. Eve used to work at Davis Polk & Wardwell in New York, does this have any conflict of interest connected?

Here are a few Past Blog Posts by Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox regarding Davis Polk & Wardwell in New York City.

A bit on Leslie Anderson, Peter Sivere, JP Morgan, Christine Anderson and More..
Wow do we have a conflict of interest with the George Demos scandal? or how about the Christine Anderson case in New York? or perhaps iViewit or Proskauer Rose?
"Prior to joining the SEC, Mr. Gordon was a litigation associate at the law firms of Davis Polk & Wardwell and Proskauer Rose in New York."

my Peter Sivere Scandal, JP Morgan whistleblower blog is now at

One can only suspect, or Flat out State that Judge Amy J. St. Eve has some SERIOUS conflicts of interest. And I am going to go right out there on that limb and say that Judge Amy J. St. Eve is protecting Proskauer Rose, Tescher & Spallina, Polk & Wardwell and a whole bunch of others concerning the 13 Trillion Dollar iViewit Technology which is at the foundation of this case.

Well we shall see how it all plays out and if Judge Amy J. St. Eve does the right thing, and rules within the law and the constitution of the United States.

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