Sunday, May 25, 2014

oH, now I remember, John Pankauski does turn on clients, or potential clients and he does seem to betray confidential information, lot's of it. Yet Jerk Johnny boy and Mr. Asshole Alan Rose want Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox to KEEP Secrets, and NOT Expose their LIES and, what sure looks to be FRAUD on the Courts, Corruption, and well. .. plain ol' BETRAYAL of the sacred, lawful, constitutional rights of the deceased and their TRUE and CORRECT wishes being carried out.

Found this in my archives today, now I remember 
that Jackass Johnny is a bad bad boy..

"From: Eliot Ivan Bernstein []
Sent: Monday, February 10, 2014 5:52 PM
To: ''

Subject: FW: Bernstein Family Realty LLC

Mr. Pankauski, nice to speak with you again, as you will recall we spoke back in September 2013 and I sent you over PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL HIGHLY SENSITIVE information regarding the Estates of my mother and father for your review and we had several correspondences on the phone and through a series of emails with you and several members of your offices in efforts to retain your firm in these same matters.  

I anticipate that you will be withdrawing as counsel to any other parties in these matters and will explain this in your withdrawal papers to the Court with a complete removal of any papers filed in conflict.  

I am uncertain how you could forget our meetings after being given so much information in this case already just a short time ago.  You even told me and Candice once you reviewed the volumes of material sent to you and knew of the forgery and fraud that occurred with Tescher & Spalllina PA, where Judge Colin warned the attorneys Tescher, Spallina and Manceri and my brother Theodore in a hearing that he had enough to read them their Miranda’s, you claimed you were shocked that Judge Colin did not throw them out and seize the records, etc.  

You also proposed a retainer of $200,000.00 to handle the matters for me and my children in both estates and I informed you I would be working on raising those monies to retain you and have been working on getting that done, I had no idea you were meeting with the other side.  

Did you run a conflicts check prior to your engagement of my brother?  

Did you not know it was my brother and my family’s estate matters after your promise of confidentiality of our information?  

After I get your response back to this email I will review your attached letter and respond if you plan on remaining counsel to my brother or any other parties in these matters.  I will expect that any charges to the estate be removed as well and copies of all letters and correspondences you have had with the other side be forwarded for my review.

Thank you,


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