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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why is Heritage Union Life Insurance Company Filing a Motion to Dismiss?

If there is No Trust, No Insurance Police, No Beneficiaries, then why is Heritage Union Life Insurance Company so anxious to dismiss, to Pay Off some made up amount of a Policy that does not seem to exist?

Sure seems odd that an Insurance Company such as Heritage Union Life Insurance Company knows of fraud, forgery, false statements, possible wire fraud and mail fraud,  law firms that created odd Trustee Claims such as Tescher and Spallina's, Robert Spallina and the Lasalle National Trust, which seemed to be the beneficiary of the Insurance Claim AND yet Heritage Union Life Insurance Company does not open a criminal investigation but instead turns over a large amount of money to the courts, WHY?

Makes me think that Heritage Union Life Insurance Company is liable for 10 times that and may even have figured out that someone inside Heritage Union Life Insurance Company or Jackson National or,

Why is Heritage Union Life Insurance Company in such a hurry to settle, to dismiss?

Who at Heritage Union Life Insurance Company or Jackson National was the insider that was a "friendly carrier" that seems to be aiding and abetting Tescher and Spallina, I mean helping Robert Spallina to fund a policy that was um.. questionable and was he the beneficiary with Lasalle National.. I am so Confused.

I do know that if I was the CEO or a Liability carrier, or shareholder of Heritage Union Life Insurance Company, I would call for an FBI, DOJ, Attorney General Investigation into all of this. But they just cough up a bunch of money and try and run, WHY?

Well one day we will know, for Now we WAIT and see what other Rats run out of the Tunnels digging deep in all this Fraud, Forgery, Murder Mystery Fiasco surrounding the Simon Bernstein and Shirley Bernstein Estate.

Heritage Union Life Insurance Company

About Heritage Union Life Insurance Company

Founded in 2005 by financial services executives who experienced first-hand the intrusive, overly complex and frustrating nature of obtaining life insurance, the Richmond, Va.-based Heritage Union family of companies designs life insurance products aimed specifically at helping middle class American families protect their income in the face of premature death. Licensed, well-capitalized and staffed by industry professionals who recognize that shopping for life insurance should not require a crystal ball or advanced mathematics degree, Heritage Union is transforming an industry with new, innovative income-protection products under the SalaryShield brand that are easy to buy, affordable and understandable. For more information on SalaryShield income protection life insurance, visit SalaryShield is a registered servicemark of Heritage Union, LLC. Heritage Union Life Insurance Company is domiciled in Arizona and is licensed to issue individual life insurance products in all states except Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont. NAIC No. 62421. Product availability and features may vary by state. SalaryShield is a registered servicemark of Heritage Union, LLC.

for Heritage Union Life Insurance Company
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Lots more coming Soon on what Drives Heritage Union Life Insurance Company in all this.

The Document discussed in this post is BELOW.

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Lot's more coming Soon, as I am so Curious why Heritage Union Life Insurance Company is funding an invisible policy with so much PROVEN fraud and forgery? WOW, makes me want to call up Heritage Union Life Insurance Company and say hey I had a police too.. (obviously joking, but WOW)

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