Monday, February 3, 2014

"The Document in Question Changes the Inheritance and Personal Property in the Estate of Shirley Bernstein" The Only Criminal Activity is the Fraudulent Notarized Documents, that's All.

WOW and none of these Guys are in Jail. Guess Forgery, Estate Fraud, Real Estate Theft And possible murder are legal in Florida as long as Tescher and Spallina "got ya covered".

Folks, what if you hired Tescher & Spallina to carry out your wishes after you die and instead they forge documents having their office gal swear that you were there and signed AFTER you DIED?

Why is the Palm County Sheriff not doing anything? Or is He? I sure know they KNOW, as they spend tons of time on my blog and I can prove that they KNOW but what my statcounter shows they have clicked on. So now what? Stall, Payoffs, more forgery, set ups??? Hmmm..

Here is the Kimberly Moran Sheriff Report

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