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Thursday, February 20, 2014

I keep waiting for Judge Martin Colin to punish, or somehow bring all these attorneys to JUSTICE. Yet he does not. It is not a procedure of LAW, nor any kind of adjudicative process to put names in a hat, and those names supplied by those Judge Colin KNOWS have committed crimes.

We have admitted forgery in this estate case. We have possible murder. We have massive lies and perjury by Ted Bernstein.  Judge Martin Colin threatened to read these attorneys their Miranda Rights, and now seems to be making up some "hat trick" law where those who have proved to be liars, involved in forgery and having committed fraud against this estate, can simply add a name into a hat and that is the LAW to Judge Martin Colin. This seems to be how Judge Martin Colin does his job. Instead of punishing those clearly breaking the law and violating the rights of others, he seems to be invoking some hat trick whereby the DIRTY lawyers, proven to be involved in deceit, fraud, forgery and possible murder can add a name to a hat and this will get a NEW personal representative for the Simon and Shirley Bernstein estate of which Ted Bernstein has already, clearly broken the law, lied, cheated, and stole.

Police Report, Robert Spallina and Ted Bernstein

Why is Judge Martin Colin so aloof about all this, does Judge Martin Colin think he is above the law and will never have accountability for his actions in this case. IT is FRAUD, Forgery, and a Murder investigation. Has Judge Martin Colin not read the police reports? Does Judge Martin Colin not understand that there has been rampant fraud? Why is Judge Martin Colin letting those he knows has committed fraud have a say in who gets to be the new PR? Is this a Florida Law? Judge Martin Colin LAW is to put names in a hat, ya the bad guys get to put names in a hat, like a parlor game and this seems to be law and JUSTICE to Judge Martin Colin.

I hope that Judge Martin Colin knows that Judges can go to Jail, Judges can be indicted and Judges really can be called out by superiors for their violation of LAW.

I dream of a World where JUDGES obey the Law.

A bit more on Judge Martin Colin

"Circuit Court Candidate Faces Florida Bar Complaint"

"In January 2003, the Bar found insufficient evidence to support a similar complaint filed by Gordon. Gordon has alleged that Colin has used his influence to unfairly manipulate Savitt's case."

Source and Full Article

  Judge Martin Colin, known as the the" florida masochist"
Is   Judge Martin Colin really the victim in this case?

  Judge Martin Colin is sure not following the law in the Simon and Shirley Bernstein estate case.

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