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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Alan Rose Wants the First Amendment to Be Set Aside JUST FOR Him. John Pankauski and Alan Rose want ALL THIS BLOGGING to STOP. See it is called Reporting. I, Crystal Cox am not paid, not promised to be paid nor will be paid for reporting on Corruption. It is called being a GOOD Reporter and Standing Up for the Victims of Corruption.

Mr. Alan Rose SAYS, Hey STOP the Presses, all this reporting on this here fraud, forgery and possible murder case is to much for me. I can't take the pressure, the imaginary pushback and it clouds my thinking for the lies I am going to make up for court.

See NO journalists has a right to report on court proceedings, Why? Cuz Mr. Alan Rose Say So. That should be LAW enough RIGHT?  Ummm NOT !!

Judges are Not Above the LAW.

Attorneys, even Alan Rose and John J. Pankauski are NOT Above the Law.

OBEY the Law Assholes, and don't worry about the Reporter.

Hey ALAN, You can Feel Free to eMail me Directly ( and you can rest assured that IF Judge Colin attempts to violate my First Amendment Rights and my Equality in the PRESS, I will FIGHT BACK, I will NOT stop reporting. I will file Criminal Charges and I will FIGHT for my Rights in a VERY Public way. So shhhh, do you hear that... yep I think it's Skeleton's rattlin' in your CLOSET..

ALAN Rose, the "relatively serious", oh sorry I mean MASSIVE SERIOUS ISSUE HERE  is Fraud, Murder, Forgery, Human Rights Violations, Constitutional Rights Violations and Rogue, Lawless Lawyers. The is ISSUE is not a reporter telling the TRUTH, reporting the story.

Blogging is NOT interfering with estate. Check the Record Asshole, the murder allegations, fraud, forgery, lies, rogue attorneys LIKE YOU and judges who will not enforce the LAW is what is interfering with the estate and laws of the united states being upheld, as well as the wishes of the deceased who seem to be SIGNING DOCUMENTS FROM THE GRAVE to benefit Ted Bernstein and Tescher & Spallina..

Crystal Cox reporting the TRUTH, the Story, is NOT a cyber attack, not harassment, it is called reporting. It is a demand for transparency and accountability in our courts and a demand that Judges and attorneys Obey the LAW.

Crystal COX will not EVER remove a Post for any money, any threats and if court ordered I still will not drop a post. You will have to enforce that yourself. Then I will post on other blogs, pr sites, and shout the TRUTH to the world. So Mr. Alan Rose, I hear your request and respectfully say FUCK You, I am reporting it anyway. And hereby INVOKE my First Amendment Right to Do So.

Oh and Have you seen my Latest Court RULING, Turns OUT Bloggers, like me have Equal Rights to that of a New York Times or USA Today, or any other main stream Journalist. WOW, a right to report on court proceedings? A right to talk about rogue judges and lawless lawyers. WOW.

A Few Highlights To let you know that Bloggers have Free Speech RIGHTS too Mr. Rose

So If you are Scared of this Case being Reported on, well then Next week expect massive press releases, blog articles, police reports, court documents, oh and lot's of "PUSHBACK" as I continue my 4 YEARS and Counting talking about, reporting on, a VERY Public Issue surrounding a 13 Trillion Dollar STOLEN Technology, iViewit. Involving the biggest law firms, tech and media in the world. Oh and who is an iViewit Inventor and the founder of iVieiwit, yep it is Eliot Bernstein, Public Figure and Super Star.

So NOPE, never going to happen Mr. ROSE.

I will NEVER EVER STOP reporting on the biggest technology theft in the world and the founder of the iViewit Company. NOT EVER !!!

I will not take a dime to remove any content, and if a court shuts my blog down, I will start 100 more as is my first amendment right. If I am found in contempt of your mock court, the lawless land of Judge Martin Colin and find my way in some jail somewhere, well then Pro Se don't bother me none and I will file documents daily with your name on them exposing you, telling the TRUTH and demanding accountability in the courts and of judges and attorneys.

SO Mr. Alan Rose. 

Obey the LAW, Do the Right Thing. Love the Neighbor. Tell the Truth. Be an upstanding, honest citizen. Have no fear of Transparency and Accountability in the courts. Stand on the Right side of the Moral Compass. CHILL OUT Dude.. if you are telling the TRUTH and Obeying the Law what have you to worry about ????

So John J. Pankauski and Alan Rose Expect a Fuck of alot of PUSHBACK, it's called accountability, transparency, it's called REPORTING. And I expect you to obey the law, and the constitution of the United States of America. You are officers of the court, you have a legal, ethical and moral right to uphold the law. If you want to lie, perjury, break the law, violate people's rights, Expect to be EXPOSED. The Truth is ... well it is protected by the First Amendment, oh and the LAW should there be any court around you that may be interested in upholding the law.

Oh and Mr. Alan Rose, I am not giving you a Legal Advice or anything but I would suggest you file a motion instead of sending a mamby pamby email with no LEGAL or Constitutional Merit. 

Don't Forget a bit of First Amendment Adjudication Before 
you Waste the Court and Taxpayers Dime.

Check out these Emails Folks.
ROGUE Attorney Alan Rose wants Investigative Blogger
CRYSTAL Cox to STOP Reporting

From: Alan Rose []
Sent: Sunday, February 23, 2014 9:23 AM

"Subject: Curator issues & Need for Blogging to Stop

This is primarily for Eliot, but I am copying everyone because it affects everyone.

John Pankauski and I have had some pushback from potential curators, who are concerned about the potential for Eliot blogging information about them.  This is a relatively serious issue, because the Court indicated a desire to contain the costs, and it is a leap for someone to take on the potential for vicious personal attacks for a small amount of money.  In reality, there should be no vicious attacks on anybody, regardless of how much or little they are being paid.

In our view, all of this blogging is interfering with the efficient administration of these estates, and is an unnecessary distraction.  The case is going to be resolved in court, and this cyber-attacking is only going to drive up the costs for everyone, and the vast majority of these costs ultimately will be borne, directly and indirectly, by Simon’s grandchildren.  In addition, there are issues and claims to be dealt with involving Tescher & Spallina.  We would like to deal with those issues in court, and not in cyberspace.  The blogging and harassment of them interferes with the ability of professionals to deal with these issues. 

We request, on behalf of Ted and I would imagine all of the beneficiaries, that Eliot (i) immediately cease all postings on the internet and/or communication with Crystal Cox about any issue with this case, including postings about the court, the fiduciaries (past,  present, and future) and the proceedings in court; (ii) remove all postings to date and instruct Crystal Cox to do so as well; and (iii) agree to not post any information, nor communicate with Crystal Cox or anyone else who will post information, about these matters in the future.

I would also invite Peter Feaman, Stansbury’s counsel, with whom Eliot feels aligned, to discuss this matter with Eliot in the hope of obtaining his agreement on these issues.

Thanks for your consideration of these matters.

Cc:          Ted Bernstein
                Pamela (via David Simon)
                Jill and Lisa (through Bill Glasko)
                Eliot Bernstein
                Peter Feaman

    Alan B. Rose, Esq.

    505 South Flagler Drive
    Suite 600
    West Palm BeachFlorida 33401
    561.655.2250 Phone
    561.655.5537 Fax"

Eliot Bernstein RESPONSE to Alan B. Rose

"Alan Rose and John Pankauski, in response to your letter below, as you have been working closely with Tescher and Spallina and Theodore in criminal conspiracy to deprive beneficiaries of their expected inheritances and more, please take this as formal notice that going forward you will be included as Respondents and Defendants in all ongoing and upcoming criminal and civil actions against Tescher and Spallina et al. and new actions to be filed soon naming you directly.  

You are conflicted now with my family and have adverse interests and your hostility towards my efforts to have you prosecuted were displayed in court hearings recently and will be motioned to the judge to have you properly and formally removed, sanctioned and reported to criminal authorities.  

As you are both aware I am trying to have you convicted for these crimes you participated in as well for your actions thus far and I have already alleged that you both are part of an ongoing extortion of my family.  However, nice try in your letter below to pin the blame on just Tescher and Spallina and act as if you have rights to recovery for your clients who are also involved in the crimes is laughable.  

 I demand that you voluntarily resign and disqualify from any and all representations of any parties in these matters and cease further harassment of me and my family immediately.  

You have allowed your client Theodore to distribute estate assets to knowingly wrong parties according to Sheriff office reports you have in your possession and attached herein and have both further been involved in trying to entice me to participate in such fraudulent conversions and comingling of estate and trust assets (AFTER KNOWINGLY STATING TO OFFICIALS THAT THEY WERE ILLEGAL) and both of you will be reported to criminal authorities for your acts in part of the overall conspiracy to defraud beneficiaries, including minor children.  I just started with Tescher and Spallina but will be moving shortly to get rid of all the TRAIF (tref or trayf or traif: not kosher (Yiddish treyf, from Hebrew ṭərēfā 'carrion') (AHD)) that pollutes the Estates and Trusts, especially all those parties, including yourselves that worked with Tescher and Spallina in any way.

The vast majority of claims for damages will come from you and your partners in crime, Tescher, Spallina, Theodore, Manceri, Moran and others, not the injured parties as you threaten (see the attached article from the Palm Beach Post) and we will be seeking all available remedies from you soon to pay for past damages and damages you continue to pile up daily by further acting in violation of ethical cannons and law.  

You are hereby formally requested to turn over your insurance information for liability purposes and I demand that you notify your liability carriers of these matters instantly and please send both me and the Creditor Stansbury all related liability information that we may seek remedy from.  

As the attached Palm Beach County Sheriff report indicates, Theodore has acted in violation of his fiduciary duties in a number of civil and criminal ways, against the alleged advice of counsel and your continued perpetration of this FRAUD on the BENEFICIARIES and the COURT are immediate cause for all of you that are attorneys at law to report the criminal wrongdoing of your client, not attempt to cover up in a court with lies and deceit that will be addressed with the courts shortly.  

You have shamed my family and disgraced your own with your actions to this point, especially those actions to directly harm my family and three minor children and I will be pursuing you through legal remedies starting now and ever more.

As for your ridiculous threatening letter below, indicating that we will pay for the costs of our blogging, I attach below several recent emails regarding illegal attempts of other Attorneys at Law that have issued false federal subpoena’s to attempt to gain my and Crystal Cox’s phone and internet records, harassing emails between lawyers and others to intentionally harm our family and shut down blogs etc. through dubious actions.  All of these acts and your actions will be reported shortly as part of RICO actions in both the Southern District of New York and Las Vegas Nevada that Cox is involved in.  

I will be filing a civil RICO against both of you, Mr. Rose and Mr. Pankauski for your involvement in these matters thus far.  I will be seeking all of your billing records to have all monies illegally misappropriated from the estates and trusts for your pathetic counsel immediately returned in full with interest.  

I will be filing ethical complaints after the criminal and civil actions for your continued violations of your oaths under G-d as attorneys at law and will seek disbarment to be replaced with criminal prison bars for your actions to harm my family and others. 

As for vicious attacks, what you continue to do and have done to my family are so insipid as to warrant arrest for criminal extortion and more and I will be seeking relief from the Court to stop you too from further harms.  As there are ongoing investigations into theft, insurance fraud, fraud on a US District Court, Fraud on a Florida Probate Court, Fraud on the beneficiaries and possible MURDER, where you are centrally involved, I believe you have obligations to disqualify and turn yourselves in immediately with all information regarding your involvement in the crimes alleged.

May G-d have mercy on your souls for I will not!  Eliot "

From: Alan Rose []
Sent: Sunday, February 23, 2014 10:30 AM
To:;; David Simon; Maryanne Koskey;;
Subject: Curator

At this point, we (Pankauski and I) suggest:

John Morrisey

Once we have Eliot’s answer on the “blogging”, we be able to submit one or more additional names.

    Alan B. Rose, Esq.

    505 South Flagler Drive
    Suite 600
    West Palm BeachFlorida 33401
    561.655.2250 Phone

Eliot Bernstein Response;

"Alan and John, in response to your email at the bottom of this correspondence, as stated in my earlier emails attached herein, I will be seeking to formally have you and your client removed from all further fiduciary roles and counsel and remove any influence over the estates and trusts through any consigliore roles you allege to have.  

Any choice by you is rejected as you are rejected in toto, other than as deep pockets for the liabilities caused by your participation with Tescher and Spallina thus far and other crimes alleged against you at this point.   

We will seek to have your client placed under Guardian for any interest he or his family may have and post 100 million dollar bonding and pay surcharges.  

We will be seeking each attorney at law and law firm involved to post the same 100 million dollar bonding and pay surcharges and damages, including both you Mr. Rose and Mr. Pankauski, especially since criminal investigations are ongoing against your client Theodore and all the lawyers Theodore brought in to execute on this plan to defraud the true and proper beneficiaries through a variety of criminal acts that you are alleged involved in.  

Please again include in any reply your liability carriers and I again urge you both to turn yourselves in to authorities and disqualify from further actions in violation of law and ethics, have you notified your carriers of the litigation and allegations you are involved in the alleged criminal and civil acts yet. 

As to the blogging issue of either Cox or myself, I know you would like to hide your crimes and try to further cover up these matters but as stated in my earlier email these crimes are being reported in very public civil and criminal actions and it is just starting to go viral, as one of the sickest estate crimes ever imagined, including FORGING and FRAUDULENTLY NOTARIZING DOCUMENTS FOR DECEASED PEOPLE, ALTERING ESTATE DOCUMENTS TO CHANGE BENEFICIARIES, IMPERSONATING TRUST COMPANIES AND TRUSTEES IN AN INSURANCE FRAUD SCAM, as to make the case precedence setting in what not to do as Attorneys at Law and the price that will paid and you are the POSTER BOYS.  

Your attempts to character assassinate me now as you did in Court on February 19th 2014, by calling me “greedy” and an unemployed bum, a blogger, while amusing, is further abuse and harassment showing your hostile and adverse interests to me for exposing the crimes of those who brought you in and yourselves.  

As for vicious, both of your involvement in the hijacking of my families company BFR and shutting off Welfare and School funds that are causing direct harms to three minor children, despite the alleged Trusts calling for such funds and your clients alleged role as fiduciary failing to provide these when you know are family is in need of them and where that need is caused by your and your friends Tescher and Spallina’s direct conspiratorial efforts and CRIMINAL ACTS to harm our family.  

These continued actions include trying to force us to take knowingly illegally distributions of estate assets to beneficiaries who were knowingly added through fraudulent acts or else starve us, like good fiduciaries do and all of these crimes, including extorting our family you are alleged parties to for your efforts in aiding and abetting and interfering illegally in a number of ways with our expected inheritance.  

Again, these efforts ARE ALREADY REPORTED to civil and criminal authorities and you have obligations to report these matters to your liability carriers and I advise again that you immediately disqualify yourselves and turn yourselves in to save costs of having to hunt you down with the authorities.   Oh yeah, please send over the names of your carriers to me and Creditor Stansbury.

Eliot "

Posted upon the Knowledge and Belief of Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox
Lot's More to Come on a thousand BLOGS, Stay Tuned Googliers.

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