Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tescher and Spallina Law Firm involved in Notary Fraud whereby their law firm Notarized Documents, alleged signed by a man who had PREVIOUSLY Died. Donald Tescher and Robert Spallina involved in Florida Notary Fraud Case.

"Eliot Bernstein filed a report with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office through. D/S
B. Longsworth. Eliot reported that he felt some fraudulent /forged documents had been
filed in the Palm. Beach County Court System.

On August 23, 20.13 I met with Eliot· Bernstein in reference to his complaint. He stated ,that
due to some documents being fraudulently notarized. a larger fraud has occurred.

He supplied me with copies of a document titled: Waiver of Accounting and Portions of
Petition for Discharge: Waiver of Service of Petition for Discharge: And Receipt of
Beneficiary and Consent to Discharge, for the Estate of Shirley Bernstein, who is
Eliot's deceased mother.

Eliot stated that in the first part (believed to be April) his .father had a. meeting with him and his four siblings (Ted; Pamela, Jill, & Lisa). I haye since found out that this was a conference call which took place at the office of Attorney Robert Spallina, who ·is/was the Attorney for Simon· arid Shirley Bernstein~ !(It should be noted that Simon has since passed, which occurred on or about September 13, 2012. "

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