Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mark Manceri, Florida Lawyer seems to have come to his SENSES, but we cannot be sure. Stay tuned for more at a later Date.

Mark Manceri WITHDRAWS as Lawyer for Thugs and Thieves, ok, just in my Opinion

Is there hope for Mark Manceri, Esq.? Why did Mark Manceri withdraw as counsel of record? Is it so he can say, well see Mr. Investigator I did not know there was so much fraud and illegal activity and as soon as I saw it, well I removed myself. See what a Good Boy I am?

Is  Mark Manceri afraid that he is going to get his Miranda Rights read to him? Or is Mark Manceri simply not willing to give up his law career and face possible prison due to what sure looks to be the illegal activity of Ted Bernstein, Robert Spallina, and Donald Tescher?

The Document below filed Electronically on January 10th 2014 shows Mark Manceri filing a motion to withdraw as counsel for Ted S. Bernstein, Donald Tescher, and Robert Spallina.

The case is William E. Stansbury Plaintiff vs. Ted S. Bernstein, Donald Tescher, and Robert Spallina, as Co-Personal Representatives of the Estate of Simon L. Bernstein and as Co-Trust Agreement dated May 20, 2008; LIC HOLDINGS, INC; Arbitrage International Management LLC f/k/a Arbitrage International Holdings LLC; Bernstein Family Realty LLC as Defendants.

It seems a bit notable to me after all this that this motion lists Janet Craig of Oppenheimer as the Manager of Bernstein Family Realty and not Ted Bernstein.

The motion below is a motion filed in the Circuit Court for Palm Beach County, Florida Probate Division File No; 502012CP004391XXXXSB IY, Division: Colin, RE: Estate of Simon Bernstein Deceased.
Does Mark Manceri Florida attorney have an obligation to tell authorities all he knows about all this, I mean isn't the law that you have to tell your clients hey I think this is illegal, try to get them to come clean and if you can't then you have to tell the authorities, something like that.

Mark Manceri withdraws due to "Professional Considerations" .. um Ya, your Clients are Committing Crimes, and well um you KNOW IT... oh in my opinion..

Anyway, Mark Manceri may not have to explain anything now, he will simply fade into the black and the THUGS at Tescher & Spallina Law Firm, along with Ted Bernstein will have to face the courts without ol' Mark Manceri . There may just be hope for him yet, well I mean in the eyes of the law that is. I mean we all know that its immoral, and well simply wrong and crime against humanity to know things that are causing harm to others, especially children and just walk away without doing anything to help the clear and obvious victims.

Oh well, stay tuned for more on this Florida Fraud, Forgery, Possible Murder and what sure seems to be highly organized white collar crime to me. I may even write a mini-series for Showtime or something on all this.

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