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Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox THINKS it is time to File a Lien against ALL the Judges involved in the massive fraud on the courts, property theft, forgery, and constitutional rights violating case of the Shirley Bernstein Estate and Simon Bernstein Estate going on now in the Florida Probate Courts and involving Judge Martin Colin, Judge David French, Judge Charles E. Burton, Judge David Crow and possible the Sheriff of Palm County Florida.

Let's take a look at your rights to PUT a lien on a Judge or Sheriff. 

Judge Martin Colin
Information on filing a lien against a bond of a Judge.

I believe state officers are required by statute or by the head of any state department to secure and give a fidelity bond, a bond that ensures their actions.

It is my understanding that if you feel a Judge is corrupt or is not upholding the law or your constitutional rights, you Can You File A Lien Against His Bond On File In Order To Force Him To Do His JOB.

If  a judge wants to play "god" in the courtroom, and totally ignore the rules of law and your constitutional rights. I believe you can file a lien upon his bond in order to force him into complying with the law. As it sure seems the Judge and Sheriff are neglecting their duties and neglecting their court.

If a Judge is "railroading" you, clearly acting outside of the laws of the United States and the State of Florida, then it is my understanding that you certainly can file a lien against this judge for his total ignoring of law and violating your rights of due process and constitutional rights.

It is my understand that a judge and a Sheriff cannot work in their job if they cant get bonded.

So why NOT file your Proof of Corruption AND the UnEthical, UnConstitutional, and UnLawful actions of the Judges in this case as a LIEN against their BOND?

Tips, Information and Laws on How to File a Lien against a Judges Surety Bond in Florida

Palm County Florida Sheriff
It is my understanding that when you file a lien against a public servant the lien holder/ins company does an investigation, thus they must see proof as to the validity of the lien. In the Simon Bernstein and Shirley Bernstein Estate we see clear evidence of fraud, forgery and attorneys seem to be conspiring with Judges, or so it looks that way from what I have read.

We see clearly that these attorneys and Ted Bernstein conspired with or are connected to Kimberley Moran of Tescher and Spallina law firm to have it look as if Simon Bernstein signed documents, and had them notarized at Tescher & Spallina Law Firm with Kimberley Moran AFTER HE DIED.

Ted Bernstein 
This evidence is clear, it is on court dockets, in hearing transcripts, on Governor complaints and rulings, on sheriff reports and yet Judge Martin Colin and other Judges in this case seem to be protecting estate and probate law firm Tescher & Spallina and Boca Raton Insurance Company Life Insurance Concepts, Ted Bernstein.

This is all connected to the multi-Billion dollar legal action of the iViewit technology case and I myself believe that these judges are favoring what looks to be corrupt lawyers and they may possibly be getting a kick back as there is plenty of money to be had in this case, as we have previously seen from the iViewit case naming all of this same parties and worth 100's of BILLIONS.
I believe the Judges involved in the Simon Bernstein and Shirley Bernstein Estate forgery and fraud case have violated title 42 USC code. I also believe they have ALL violated 28 U.S.C. § 455, the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, The Code of Conduct for United States Judges, and have violated human and civil rights of the victims of this case.


Section 1983 Litigation to help you understand the laws regarding this issue.$file/Sect1983.pdf

If Judge Martin Colin appointed Ted Bernstein executor of the Simon Bernstein state after he knew of clear forgery and fraud on the courts and crimes against the true heirs of the Simon Bernstein, and Shirley Bernstein Estate, is Judge Martin Colin liable for the financial damage and hardship that his rulings outside of law and the constitutional rights of those in his court?
Judge David French

Did Judge Martin Colin require a probate bond in this case where millions are at stake and there is massive fraud, estate assets sold off and stolen?

Do laws in the State of Florida require the executor of an estate to provide a probate bond to the courts? Probate bonds will guarantee that executors of the estate will not alter or damage the estate. Did Judge Martin Collin require a probate bonds in this case?

Did Tescher & Spallina provide a probate bond? This is a rather large estate and assets over a million dollars each have already been SOLD off, by what looks like the fraudulent activity of Ted Bernstein conspiring with Donald Tescher and Rober Spallina of Tescher & Spallina.

Are there any laws or ways to uphold the estate and probate law in Florida when someone dies and their own attorneys and estranged offspring loot their estate?
Ted Bernstein, Bernstein Family Foundation

Also in this there was a condo already sold for over a million that may have undersold for a million, this involved a buyer named Wesley Voorheis, who I believe made a deal of some kind to get the property for at least a million less then it was worth, by way of some shady dealings with Life Insurance Concepts and Ted Bernstein, just how I see it.

Note: I am a REAL ESTATE Forensics EXPERT, I do not claim to know fully Florida Law. However, this property SOLD via Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, and had Title Insurance insuring that it was SOLD by the property own and there sure seems to be some fraudulent actions here in my opinion, here is my report and opinion on the Shirley Bernstein Condo Sale.

It appears to me that Gregory Gefen of Signature ALL REGENCY TITLE COMPANY, Signature Title Group Knowingly allowed Ted Bernstein to steal a 1.6 million dollar property, just how I see it.

So Is Wesley Voorheis a Proxy for Ted Bernstein?

Did Wesley Voorheis of move this asset out of the country for Tescher and Spallina, Ted Bernstein or ?

 G. Wesley Veorheis seems to be the same  Wesley Veorheis Chairman of Hudbay Minerals Inc., Director at Granite Real Estate Inc.,  Managing Director of VC & Co. Incorporated and a Partner of Voorheis & Co. LLP, which act as strategic advisors to institutional and other shareholders. Prior to the establishment of Voorheis & Co. LLP in 1995, Wesley Voorheis was a partner in a major Toronto law firm.   Wesley Public Company Directorships (Past 5 years): MI Developments Inc. (June 2011 to present), Coventree Inc. (2008 to 2012), easyhome Ltd. (2010 to 2011), Hollinger Inc. (2006 to 2008), Sun Times Media Group, Inc. (2007 to 2008).

How is G. Wesley Voorheis connected to  Tescher and Spallina, Ted Bernstein, Greg Geffen or any other players of the Shirley Bernstein, Simon Bernstein fraud and forgery estate and probate case out of Palm County Florida?

I fully believe, in my opinion that the above sale involved mortgage fraud, title insurance fraud and banking fraud at least. It also seems that the Bank of Montreal is somehow connected to all this, in what sure seems to me to be white collar crime.

Donald Tescher, Lawyer
How in the world did what seems to be a Canadian Resident, Wesley Voorheis, get a single Family Fannie Mae loan on a condo of this value in FLORIDA?  Is this a primary resident? Is this Fannie Mae FRAUD? Surely Fannie Mae, Wesley Voorheis, BMO Harris Bank N.A., and Steve Paraggua know about the fraud and forgery in connection with all of this.

Here is the Mortgage Document I am commenting on;

I personally believe that Ted Bernstein of Life Insurance Concepts did some deal to hide this asset from the rightful heirs, either with Wesley Voorhei knowing or not knowingly conspiring, just my opinion.

A bit more on this Condo Sale

Note: Look at this Insurance company also questioning issues of these Estates, yet the Judges involved are "playing dumb". There is so many layers to all this, meanwhile the victims of all this, in this moment are children and are the heirs of the estate, in which Tescher and Spallina seem to have VIOLATED the wishes of their now deceased clients.

the Heritage Union Life Insurance case

Judge David Crow, Judge in Kimberly Moran Case
So can the True and Correct lawful heirs of the Simon Bernstein, and Shirley Bernstein Estate file a lien against the Judges and Sheriff involved, as there are some pretty hefty price tags on these assets adn I believe these judges now have some liability.

Folks, pay attention to this case as many of your parents, grandparents move to Florida, many of you in Florida over a lifetime; you work your whole life, pay your attorneys to carry out your wishes and the commit forgery having documents signed by you AFTER YOU DIE, and Florida Judges such as Judge Charles E. Burton, Judge David Crow and estate and probate Judges such as Judge Martin Colin and Judge David French, as well as the Sheriff of Palm County Florida should be liable for any action that violated the constitutional rights of the victims of this case or did not uphold the oath of their office. 

It looks to me, in my Opinion, as if these Judges and the Sheriff violated 28 U.S.C. § 455, the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, The Code of Conduct for United States Judges, and 28 U.S.C. 455.

And I think that Victims of these Judges should file a Lien against their Bond.

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