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Thursday, November 14, 2013

What will Judge Martin H. Colin do about what sure seems to be unethical rogue Florida Attorneys and the Case of fraud and forgery involving Ted Bernstein of Boca Raton?

What will Judge Martin H. Colin do in the case of a Dead Man closing an estate, and his own words of possibly reading Miranda rights, then turn around and give the man who submitted false documentation the status of Personal Representative of an Estate where he CLEARLY lied, committed forgery and fraud, and liquidated assets that he had NO LEGAL RIGHT to liquidate.

Will Judge Martin H. Colin prosecute those who said should be their Miranda rights?

Will Judge Martin H. Colin uphold the LAW?

Will Judge Martin H. Colin bring Ted Bernstein to Justice?

We Shall See !!

Research Links

Is Ted Bernstein going to Get his Miranda Rights read to him? or NOT?

 Sure looks to me like Ted Bernstein is involved in some fraud and forgery. Check out this Hearing Transcript.

Lawsuit Filed AGAINST Ted Bernstein

Petition to Freeze Estate Assets due to what seems to be fraud and illegal activity by Ted Bernstein of Life Insurance Concepts.

Notary Fraud Shirley Bernstein Estate, involving Ted Bernstein

Do we have Banking and Mortgage Fraud? Does the Buyer, Wesley Voorheis Know how Liable he is? Is the Buyer, Wesley Voorheis a Proxy for Ted Bernstein? What really went on with a deal by a Florida Lawyer Greg Geffen, Buyer Wesley Voorheis and Ted Berstein selling a multi-million dollar property of which he had no LEGAL RIGHT to Sell?

Ted Bernstein Life Insurance Concepts Boca Raton Florida. Old Republic National Title Insurance caught up in what looks to be massive insurance scam by Ted Bernstein and involving Closing Agent, Florida Attorney Gregory Gefen of Signature Title Group.

Ted Bernstein Boca Raton Florida. Ted Bernstein Real Estate Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Estate and Probate Fraud. Aided and Abetted by Gregory S. Gefen Florida Attorney. ALLEGES Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox. Sheri Goldman and Ted Bernstein Botox Scam. Ted Bernstein Insurance Fraud. ALLEGED by Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox.

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