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Monday, August 19, 2013

Do we have Banking and Mortgage Fraud? Does the Buyer, Wesley Voorheis Know how Liable he is? Is the Buyer, Wesley Voorheis a Proxy for Ted Bernstein? Well it Will all Come Out Soon

BMO Harris Bank N.A.
Attn: Mortgage Post Closing (aKa a Mortgage AFTER the Closing of the Property)
Rollings Meadow IL

Prepared by

Steve Paraggua

Single Family Fannie Mae? Really? Is V going to live there? Is this a primary resident? Is this Fannie Mae FRAUD?  Surely Fannie Mae, Wesley Voorheis, BMO Harris Bank N.A., and Steve Paraggua know that this property was FRAUDULENTLY SOLD by a man claiming he was the Seller, with no court proof that he had the right to sell the PROPERTY.

1 Million Dollar Not, Guaranteed by Fannie Mae? Is this Lega? Does any of this violate RESPA Laws? I think so, in my OPINION, and it looks like those aiding and abetting are piling up.

Why is the LENDER in Illinois, the property in Florida and the BUYER in Canada? Oh it will all come out, the only think left to decide his which one of ya'll are going to be indicted. Illinois, hmmm is that where Ted had legal problems BEFORE? More coming soon on all that.

Single Family Fannie Mae Loan on a property owned by a Canadian Resident, how in the world does one swing that? Second Home Rider, Condo Rider? Is all this really on the up and up? Well we shall see.

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